Separation of taxes from air fares

Real Tonga has announced that effective from 15th May 2017, they will begin collecting relevant domestic taxes, separately from their fares.

On every domestic air ticket sold, a fee of T$11.50 is charged and paid to the local airport authority.

This charge is used by the local airport authority for the provision and maintenance of all airports within the Kingdom, as well as air navigation equipment that is required to safely support all airline operations into, out of and around the Kingdom. 

A statement said the fee is applicable for all sectors travelled, so a return ticket to ‘Eua for example would incur a T$11.50 fee outbound and the same again on the return leg. This represents 12% of the ticket value. For Ha’apai, it represents 5% and for Vava’u, 4%. 

Real Tonga will be maintaining its current fare structures, but will collect these airport taxes separately. 

This will be effective for all tickets purchased on or after May 15th 2017.