Tonga’s 1st flying school is becoming a reality

Real Tonga has welcomed a Cessna 172 Aircraft to its fleet.

The aircraft is a 4-seater and may as well be regarded as a mini version of aeroplanes.

Although small, the arrival of the Cessna is a big step towards setting up The Kingdom of Tonga’s 1st ever flying school.

Tongans have been attending flying school in New Zealand or other countries that already have the resources and instructors, an undertaking that is usually very expensive.

In the South Pacific region, only Fiji has 3 flying schools.

So having one locally would give Tongans that endeavour to fly the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the workings of an aircraft here.

Usually a pilot has to accumulate 50 hours of flying in their training – and Real Tonga is confident they are well capable of catering for this.

It has been the vision of the CEO of Real Tonga, Rev. T. Palu to give Tongans this opportunity in addition to the many others he has made possible for his fellow Tongans.

To not only provide air transportation and other services, but to also give those that he can a chance to develop themselves, and take on expert roles such as flying.

With the Cessna now as part of Real Tonga’s fleet, the airline plans to develop the school as a separate wing and organise all that is needed to have the school started this year 2019, subject to Civil Aviation Authority’s Certification and approval.