Tonga to raise six million chickens

Tonga’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has plans to raise six million chickens as part of its working projects for this year.

Minister Lord Tu’ilakepa made the announcement in Parliament last week.

He said in order to feed these six million chickens, the ministry has to grow 500 acres of corn.

While the main objective of the project is to produce electricity from chicken manure, it will also reduce Tonga’s importation of frozen chicken for consumption.

Lord Tu’ilakepa also highlighted that Tongans consumed 302,000 kilos of imported chicken every week.

He said that the project to produce electricity from poultry manure was initiated from Israel, but the equipment will be provided by Germany.

Lord Tu‘ilakepa expressed his intention to alter the statistic that only 20% of Tongans grow their own food, while the other 80% buy their food.