‘Oloka Fifita wins cash in Digicel Top Up promotion

Vava’u mum, ‘Oloka Palu Sefo Fifita has won $200 cash in Digicel Tonga Top up & Opt in to win competition.

“Wow! Today, was my turn to win with Digicel –thank you Digicel,” Fifita said.

“It had a strange feeling that it must be my lucky day when the call came from an unknown number today. I was with my children when I received the lucky call and when the caller said that I was the lucky winner for the top up promotion, we were all so happy and thankful,” she said.

Fifita would top up with $5 twice a week so that she can communicate with family and friends.

She said, she had noticed that after each top up she would receive the text message to say she has received a number of entries for the lucky draw. But she often wondered if she would ever be one of those lucky winners.

Fifita said she will spend her prize money on necessities for the family like school fees, shopping and bills.

“It’s hard these days with the Covid-19 situation but thank you Digicel for making life better for myself and my family today!”

Digicel continues to reward its customers.

The Top Up & Opt In promotion ends today and customers get to share $6,600 cash in prize money.


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