Digicel supports Langafonua ‘a Fafine Tonga Exhibition

Digicel Tonga announced its sponsorship for the Langafonua ‘a Fafine Tonga’s Arts & Crafts Exhibition and Competition 2021 valued at $1,500 TOP.

Lavinia Fakatoufifita, Deputy Chairperson for the Langafonua ‘a Fafine Tonga (the National Women Council of Tonga) received the support from Siosifa Pomana, Digicel Tonga Marketing Manager.

Fakatoufifita said that the Council is quite pleased with the support Digicel has shown in not just providing the venue at the Digicel Square but also the contribution to the prizes that will be awarded to the local artists showcasing their products and who are also competitors on the six categories for the event ranging from sewing to cooking in addition to the handicrafts.

Fakatoufifita also said that the event is an important platform to encourage local handicraft producers and artistic talent despite the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on local handicraft businesses particularly with the lack of tourists visiting Tonga.

The event will be held on July 8th following two days of judging of the arts and crafts registered to be showcased at the Digicel Square.


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