Rotuman mother pursues passion for fashion

A Rotuman mother in her 50s is finally pursuing her passion for fashion after wanting to do so for so long.

Ravai Titifanue opened her online fashion boutique The Colour Closet two months ago, hoping to bring popping bright outfits to New Zealanders all year round.

Based in Wellington, Titifanue sells Pacific-inspired women's clothing that ranges from casual to formal.

She says her love for colour is heavily influenced by her upbringing on Rotuma Island and being surrounded by hues and arrays of colours from the hills to the ocean.

"The soil, the vegetation, the green, different shades of green, the soil, black and brown, the sea, the blue, the corals, the fish in different colours and then the flowers, different shapes and sizes. It's just beautiful and stunning, the colours everywhere."

She says she took her surroundings for granted back home and wants to relive it, through her new business.

"Here in New Zealand you have seasons and so come winter, we don't see hibiscus and frangipani and all those colours. Everything goes dark and grey and everyone is wearing muted colours."

Titifanue says she's very grateful for her Rotuman upbringing and even though she's hit the 50s, it's never too late to chase your dreams.

"Taking this step, many people say, 'It's too late,' but just take a shot... I embrace a quote by C.S Lewis: 'You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.'"