Deep Rai Kumar Wins Free Digicel TV Subscription

Deep Rai Kumar from Kolofo’ou was rewarded with 12 months of free Digicel Play TV for Digicel Tonga Home & Entertainment promotion.

“It’s very big for me…being a lucky winner, this is my first time,” said Mr Kumar. He was rewarded as the winner for the month of August.

Mr Kumar said the monthly subscription for Digicel PlayTV is affordable and worth having. His family really enjoys it and there’s a channel for everyone -for his children and his wife. Also, his mother-in-law, who stays at home, finds the various Indian channels and programs entertaining.

Mr Kumar who has been working in Tonga for a few years now said that one of the best things about Digicel PlayTV is the chance to watch the Premier League sports channel. He was particularly happy that now his family can sit back and relax to enjoy Digicel Play TV for a whole year free of charge. 

“Malo ‘aupito to Digicel,” he said with a big smile.

The Digicel Tonga Home & Entertainment promotion runs from August to September giving TV customers a chance to win a 12-month free Digicel Play TV subscription.