Digicel rewards Fono Teulaka with $200 Shopping Voucher

Fono Teulaka of Ha’asini Tongatapu was thrilled with the $200 shopping voucher reward from Digicel Tonga’s Christmas Home & Entertainment promotion.

“This is my first time to receive a reward from Digicel and I’m very happy,” Fono said.

Fono says that for the past three years since they’ve signed up for Digicel Play TV, they’ve never missed out the chance to ensure their subscription is paid because it is worth it for 40 channels of entertainment.

“This means a lot to my family because it really keeps us together, we come together to watch movies and program we love,” she said. “The kids don’t wander away but rather stay at home to watch their favourite program.”

She thanked Digicel for providing such wonderful service for Tonga.

The Promotion ends this month rewarding TV & Home Internet customers with a lucky draw to win two 58’ TV flat screen grand prize.