Digicel Rewards Tineleti Muli on Top Up & Opt In Promotion

Tineleti Muli from Ha’akame became the first to win $100 cash prize from Digicel Tonga’s Recharge Family Campaign Promotion.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity that Digicel has blessed me and my little poor family with,” Muli said.

Muli, who is a mother of two and earns a living by selling handicraft, said she regularly buys top up from her local store and sometimes she receives top up from her relatives living abroad. She said this cash prize adds to her weekly income to support her family.

“Thank you so much Digicel Tonga for the great service and for giving us customers something to look forward to when using your service,” she said.

The Recharge Family Campaign Promotion offers customers who top up $5 or more or bought any prepaid plans a $100 cash win every week and a $2,000 grand prize at the end of the Promotion period.