Felanuaki Taka and Malia Vuna win shopping vouchers for Digicel Tonga’s Celebrate Family This May Top Up & Opt In Promotion

Felanuaki Taka from Sia’atoutai and Malia Vuna of Havelu Tongatapu each won a $200 shopping voucher for Digicel Tonga’s Celebrate Family This May Top Up & Opt In to win $200 shopping vouchers Promotion, last week.

Felanuaki won the $200 shopping voucher for mothers at the Molisi Save supermarket while Malia won the $200 shopping voucher for fathers at the Pacific Timber & Hardware.

Felanuaki said she was surprised and grateful for receiving the prize. She said that when I saw the 123 number calling me, she was not sure whether to answer because she had tried before with the Shake it cash call promotion and she was not lucky.

“But I decided to answer and what good news!” she said with a smile. She could not wait but drove over to the Digicel head office.

Felanuaki, who works with her husband at the Free Wesleyan Church Bible Theological college, tops up with at least $120 every month and spends most of that to buy data plans so she could maintain her online education. She has been a loyal Digicel customer since its launch in Tonga.

Malia, who won the shopping voucher for fathers, said with a smile, “Even though this is a great gift for my husband to celebrate Fathers Day, I’m the one receiving it on his behalf and will tell him what to shop for instead.”

Malia said her family regularly top up every week to buy data plans in order to connect with family and friends via social media.

“Digicel internet works well for me especially to chat with my friends and relatives overseas and it’s cheaper to do it that way,” she said.

She thanked Digicel for being generous to share these gifts with the community especially during this difficult time with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Both winners wished all fathers a happy Fathers Day.

The Top Up & Opt In Promotion is giving away a share $1600 worth of shopping vouchers to winners who top up $5 or more and buy plans for a chance to go into a weekly draw to win a weekly $200 shopping voucher each for mothers and fathers. Digicel Tonga’s Celebrate Family This May Promotions continues to the end of this month.