Finau Lolesio Wins $200 for Top Up & Opt In to Win Promotion

Finau Lolesio from Tofoa Tongatapu won $200 cash today as the first winner for Digicel Tonga’s LTE Totally Top Up and Opt In to Win promotion.

“I was on my usual routine –weaving to make mats, when I received the call from Digicel that I had won $200!” she said.

“I was so surprised when I was told that Digicel will give me $200 cash. It felt so rewarding, I felt revitalized as if my hard work had paid off!” she exclaimed.

Finau said she started with $5 top up but recently changed to $12 top up. She appreciates the plans offered by the company for it helps her with day to day job working from home on her handicraft. 

Digicel Tonga’s LTE Totally promotion celebrates its achievement of a 100% LTE 4G network in Tonga. The Top Up & Opt In promotion runs from August to the end of September giving away to it loyal customers a share of $6,600.