Sosefina Havea & Pohiva Lalakai Rewarded With $200 Each

Sosefina Havea and Pohiva Lalakai each won $200 cash as the second winner and third winner respectively for the Digicel Tonga’s LTE Totally Top Up & Opt in to win promotion.

 “This is unbelievable,” Sosefina, an army officer from Fahefa,  said “I was at my training session with the army when my phone rang, I immediately excused myself to answer the call. I saw the number was new and that’s not normal because all contact in my phone have names, so I decided to answered the call with no intention at all that I would be getting $200 cash today” she said.

 Pohiva said, “I was at work when I received the call from Digicel that I have won $200 cash today. I was surprised and confused at the same time because I thought it was a prank call as I never had a call like this in my entire life,” he said. He asked the caller twice if the call was genuine and from her reply he knew it was sincere. “At that moment I felt that I’m the most happiest man on earth,” he said.

 Sosefina said she knew about this promotions from Digicel Tonga’s Facebook page and that’s when she started topping up her number with $5 three times a week and sometimes twice so she could buy data to communicate with friends and families especially when she’s at work. “I would like to thank Digicel for this prize I received today $200 cash” she said “This is my first time to win a prize from Digicel and it’s worth it.

 Pohiva said every week he top up $10, which he uses for weekly data plans. Pohiva expressed his gratitude to Digicel Tonga for the offers it gives out during this time with the Covid-19 pandemic, which contributes to our country and people.

 Digicel Tonga’s LTE Totally promotion celebrates its achievement of a 100% LTE 4G network in Tonga. The Top Up & Opt In promotion runs from August to the end of September giving away to it loyal customers a share of $6,600.