Suliasi Wins $200 Shopping Voucher Surprise

Suliasi Havea and his family were delighted today with their $200 shopping voucher reward from Digicel Tonga’s Christmas Home & Entertainment promotion.

“Today comes as a big surprise for my family because this is the first time for us to win with Digicel and I’m very thankful for that especially as we come to the end of the year,” Suliasi said.

Suliasi, who is a loyal Digicel customer for over 10 years now, subscribes to both Digicel PlayTV and Home Internet every month. His 4-year old daughter loves the cartoon channels on PlayTV that she would return from pre-school and go straight to the television, which is one of the key reasons that he keeps his TV subscription active. Suliasi himself enjoys the internet particularly for streaming internet games with his friends.

“I thank Digicel for providing us with good TV and Internet services -we appreciate it,” he said.

The Promotion ends first week of January 2021 rewarding active TV & Home Internet customers with a chance to be in the lucky draw to win two 58’ TV flat screen grand prize.