Villages receive lawnmowers in Beautiful Tonga Clean Up Green Up campaign

Eight villages have received lawnmowers following the first round of inspections in the Beautiful Tonga Village Inspections Competition in Tongatapu.

Minister for Tourism, ‘Akosita Havili Lavulavu presented the lawnmowers as part of a campaign to empower the villages to continue with the development of the Beautiful Tonga Clean -Up Green Up Theme.

The recipients are Hofoa and Kolomotu'a from Nukuálofa District, Lapaha and Fatumu from Hahake District, Lomaiviti and Malapo from Vahe Loto District, Matahau and Kolovai from Hihifo District.

The second round of the Beautiful Tonga Village Inspections for Tongatapu will be held from 24 - 26 June, 2020.

A similar programme for Vava’u is scheduled to be held on 27 June, 2020.


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