​Affordable TV for Chimbu

Chimbu people now have access to more affordable television, thanks to Digicel Play’s new Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT).

The product was officially launched on Tuesday, July 12, by the Governor of Chimbu Province, Noah Kool.

The official launch of the tower transmission was held at the TNA Supermarket, Digicel Play’s new retail outlet in Kundiawa town. Crowds gathered to witness the opening by the Governor and his Deputy Governor James Kendyagl, Digicel Goroka general manager Peter Chromiec and Simbu local SP PNG Hunters player Nickson Borana.

Simbu residents now have the added benefit of both DTT and Direct-to-Home (DTH) television broadcast technology, which is great news for TV-lovers as it comes at a lower cost and brings a wealth of employment opportunities into the region. 

Residents in the region can now receive signals from the DTT site, and those in remote areas of Chimbu are still able to access television content through Digicel Play’s satellite technology.

As well as reducing the cost for Chimbu people, Digicel Play’s DTT technology will create job opportunities and investment to local suppliers and contractors who will partner with Digicel Play to help bring television into people’s homes.

Chromiec said Digicel Play is thrilled to make television viewing more accessible for everyone across PNG.

“With the recent launch of two new satellite dishes now transmitting television across all of PNG, Digicel Play continues to invest in the country’s communications industry,” he said.

“Thanks to Digicel Play’s investment in Direct Terrestrial Television, there will be more opportunities for locals to develop skills in this industry as well as provide a viable future to many people through meaningful career opportunities.

“Digicel Play is always looking at ways to improve television availability and quality for our viewers and the investment of these two dishes highlight this commitment to customers.

“The introduction of DTT technology will make television viewing much easier. Customers can simply purchase a Digicel Play box and the antenna to receive television.

“More people in the Simbu region will be able to enjoy Digicel Play’s new-look TVWAN, which means they will be able to watch more of their favourite TV shows, movies and sporting games from the comfort of their own home.”

In addition to the launch of the DTT tower in Chimbu, there has been an upgrade to the service in Lae, which will increase Digicel Play’s transmission power and reception for locals. 

DTT is already available in Port Moresby, Mt Hagen, Madang, Rabaul, Buka, Goroka and Lae, which has allowed many people across the country to enjoy more of their favourite television programs for less. 

(Digicel Goroka general manager Peter Chromiec sharing a laugh with Chimbu Governor Noah Kool.)



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