$74 million yacht too big to berth in harbour

The vessel that claims the title of the world’s biggest single-masted yacht is visiting Rarotonga.

The yacht, named simply ‘M5’, is a sloop-rigged super yacht launched in 2003 as the Mirabella. 

The 75 metre yacht, which hails from the United Kingdom, arrived Thursday last week but was unable to berth at Avatiu harbour because of its 97m mast height which would run it foul of airspace laws.  

The yacht’s captain, Don Anderson, said the yacht had cost about US$50m to build. Anderson is accompanied by 15 other crew on the M5’s maiden world tour and the super yacht will be here for two weeks before leaving for French Polynesia.

“We are looking forward to enjoying our time on this beautiful island and looking forward to be part of the 50th anniversary celebrations,” Anderson said.