Apple warns Pope could delay iPhone 6S

You've waited patiently for months to get your hands on the iPhone 6S, and now the Pope has popped up to push it back a little longer.

Apple has warned that Pope Francis's impending visit to New York could stop the city's residents receiving their iPhone 6S pre-orders in time for this Friday's launch.

With traffic restrictions being placed on the bustling city during the pontiff's stay, it is expected that couriers will be unable to meet all delivery needs on the day.

In a statement sent to New York-based customers with iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus pre-orders, Apple stated: "Your iPhone 6S is scheduled for delivery on Friday, September 25. However, due to traffic restrictions expected for that day in New York City, your delivery may be delayed."

Failing to mention the Pope by name as the cause of the traffic concerns, Apple promised those hit by delays shouldn't have too long to wait to get their mitts on the new phone.

The company added: "If we're unable to complete the delivery on Friday, we'll also be making Saturday deliveries at most locations.

"We know you're looking forward to receiving your new iPhone, and we apologise if your order is affected," as reported by AppleInsider.

Short of passing the handsets out from the back of the Popemobile, or hoping for some divine intervention on New York's infamous traffic, there's little that Apple and its shipping partners can do to combat the city-wide disruption.