Australia to give $19million surveillance aid to Pacific Island countries

Australia will support the protection of the fisheries industry in the region with a $19million surveillance aid.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott revealed this to the media tonight after the Pacific Island Forum Leaders’ retreat in Port Moresby.

“Australia will be increasing its Ariel surveillance of the Pacific (Ocean) and will be committing additional $19million a year so the fisheries (industry) can be properly patrolled and policed,” Abbott said.

Australia will also be giving a new patrol boat to monitor illegal fishing in the PIF nation’s exclusive economic zone. 

He said a “stronger economy is vital and fishing and tourism is a mainstay of Pacific economies.”

PIF chair and Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the discussions were "very constructive."  

“Look at the model in New Zealand so we can manage our resource in a sustainable manner  for our future generation and of cause conserving for long term benefit for the region."

He said regional monitoring and surveillance of the fishing industry especially the tuna industry is very important.

Charles Yapumi