China aid helps ‘Eua enjoy running spring water

Residents of Houma, the far end village in ‘Eua to the North celebrated the completion of the new water supply system funded by China

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Kingdom of Tonga, Huang Huaguang, and Minister for Revenue and Custom, Tevita Lavemaau, who is also the People’s Representative for ‘Eua joined the  happy occasion.

The innovative project includes a new solar pump to bring spring water from Vai ‘a Hina, which is named by HM Queen Mother, up the 160-meter cliff in north of ‘Eua and then distributed to more than 50 houses in Houma village. 

According to the engineer’s estimate, the flow of the spring is 5 litres per second. The new project used a small part of it and it is enough to provide drinking water for the whole village.

Houma was seriously affected by water shortages during the drought last year and the original water resources (Kahana Spring) was far from enough for the village. It collected water for 2 weeks and released in 1 day.

In his remarks, Ambassador. Huang said, we all know how important water is for our life and he’s pleased to see with the joint efforts from the community and all sides, the project finished in such a short time and villagers from Houma no longer need to worry about water shortage.

The project started mid-October last year and finished one week before Christmas. The contractor was Mele Anitema Tonga Services.


Government of Tonga