Faka Fo’ou (New Life) Exhibitions underway in Auckland

Six Tongan artists are exhibiting in three exhibitions at Northcote, Auckland New Zealand.

Collectively they are ‘Faka Fo`ou’ which means New Life.

Emily Mafile’o and Tevita Latu’s  ‘2 Phazed Photography and Painting’  exhibition explores the artists’ ‘perfection of reality’ through a collaboration of photography and mixed media painting, that crisscross Aotearoa and Tonga.

Vea Mafile’o and Jeremiah Tauamiti’s exhibition ‘Digital Fananga’ features two short films based on Pasifika myths, legends and beliefs. “Spoken in our native languages, it is our aim to preserve our stories, for us by us, to share with the world,” they said.

Tui Emma Gillies and Sulieti Fieme’a Burrows exhibition is ‘Falevai Flava’.

Tui Emma Gillies is the daughter of Sulieti Fieme’a Burrows, who was born and grew up in Falevai in the Tongan island group of Vava’u. Together they returned to Falevai to work with local woman in creating two large tapa pieces. In the process they resuscitated a heritage art practice that had died in the village many years ago.

‘Faka Fou’ou’ was officially opened on Sunday, March 13 to co-incide with the Pacific Arts Association Symposium being held in Auckland.

‘Faka Fou’ou’ is supported by a grant from Creative Communities Auckland.


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