First Tongan designer at London Pacific Fashion Show

A recent wedding dress worn by a bride in the US has gone viral online, with the Tongan designer set to feature her work in a prestigious fashion show in Europe later this year.

Lavelua Mo’ungatonga Woffiden made the designer Ngatu wedding dress for bride Sela Feifononga and after sharing the masterpiece online, Woffiden will be the first Tongan designer to feature her work at this year’s London Pacific Fashion week.

Born in Houma, Tongatapu, she shares her love of making dresses from a young age on her vintage handwheel sewing machine.

“I sewed many dresses for my doll on my grandmother’s sewing machine. She later gave me the sewing machine hence I have always enjoyed sewing.”

Woffiden has been in the clothing industry since the 70’s in New Zealand, Hawaii and in the United States where her fashion line Lua’s Island Fashion was born.

Her designer line is “a dedication of my love to my roots, my culture and passion to create beautiful modern Pacific Island fashion using the skills learned in my journey.”

The London Pacific Fashion week help’s to promote Pacific fashion and art in the UK and Europe. Last year saw a successful show tied in with the Rugby World Cup, and this year’s theme is inspired by the recent Polynesian Disney movie ‘Moana’.

Designers from Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa, Australia and the Cook Islands will also showcase their collections at London’s Pacific Fashion week in September.