Ipatas welcomes APEC benefits for region

Enga’s Governor, Chief Sir Peter Ipatas KBE, GCL, MP, has called on elected representatives to put the nation above petty politics and embrace the benefits that will come from APEC.

The Governor said APEC in Papua New Guinea will be a series of national events that should not be politicised because there are clear positive outcomes to be gained.

“There should be unity behind APEC because there is no doubt that clear positive outcomes bill be gained from businesses around the nation,” Sir Peter said.

“Through APEC we have access to capacity building projects that will help people in rural areas.

“These are our SMEs and our sectors such as tourism, agriculture and marine resources.

“As some examples, through the APEC policy agenda, and the workshops and APEC technical support, we will improve the food security of our nation.

“We will host the APEC Ministerial Meeting on Food security, and through this process will have a direct impact on improving production and food quality on our land and in our waters.

“We will enhance energy security and make better use of the abundance of cleaner energy sources that we have in our country.

“The enhancement of the services sector in our country will be improved and we will seek increase efficiencies, and make it easier for our services sector to gain from increased market access.

“The Opposition has to look deeper into the policy outcomes from APEC, and in 2018 this policy agenda will be guided by Papua New Guinea.”

The Governor said now is not the time for bitterness, but is a time for unity from leaders.

“It is one thing if you think something could be done differently, but it is disgraceful for a leader wanting to shut the door on the global community.

“I know there are members of the opposition who could not believe what they were hearing from their leader when he attacked the APEC process in our country.

“Why would anyone in their right mind intentionally want to turn away investment and the sharing of skills and technology with our people.

“Why would anyone want to tell 10,000 businesspeople, delegates and media to stay away?

"Our people expect more from elected leaders.

“These meetings will stimulate small business in these locations and showcase the local culture to the world.

“Some workshops might be small with only 30 delegates that will take place in smaller regional centres, while some ministerial meetings will have a few hundred delegates.

“The benefits from APEC will be felt across the nation and we look forward to hosting APEC throughout 2018.”

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