Males Dominate Suicide Victims in Tonga

Suicide victims in Tonga ranges from 15 to 30 years of age and male dominates the list. This was the result of a study into the status of suicides in Tonga conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs during the past years.

Radio Tonga reports representatives of various community groups, church leaders, parents, youth, town and district officers are taking part in a workshop which focuses on suicide causes and prevention measures.

The aim of the workshop is to design strategies that will seek possible solutions to identified causes and problems associated with suicide to help reduce this problem.

Secretary of the Church Leaders Council, Rev. Fili Faiesea Lilo says, suicide is a result of confusion and broken relationships among young people and within families.

The youngest victim of suicide recorded is 13 and oldest is 72. 2005 recorded the lowest number of suicide cases which was only 2 while 2009 figures rose to 13.

Rev. Lilo adds that the results of suicide incidents in Tonga illustrated that we lacked initiatives to avoid their occurrences but act only after they happen. So the workshop was to design strategies, plan appropriate actions and act before and not after a person is dead and this means prevention. So a concerted effort to collaborate, communicate and work out solutions will help alleviate the problem.