Melanesian Games Constitution to be in accordance with International rules

National Olympic Committees in Melanesia are working closely with member nations to ensure the Melanesian Games constitution meet international best practice.

Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (VASANOC) President Antoine Boudier said they haven’t received any feedback from Melanesian Spearhead Group headquarters in Port Villa on the adoption of the new constitution by the leaders.

“Earlier this year in March we had a consultation in New Caledonia in regard of drafting the constitution or redrafting the constitution because it was mainly politically driven and was not going in accordance with the Pacific Games Council charter or the IOC or the International Federations.

“ There has been several proposals, the proposal was supposed to be discussed by the MSG head office  and tabled in Solomons in June for the MSG Leaders Meeting than presented here at the meeting of Pacific Sports Ministers to be endorsed by Ministers and signed by Ministers.

“We’ve haven’t had any feedback from the MSG in regard of the approval of that constitution or if it has been presented,” said Boudier at the sidelines of the Pacific Games.

He said they were working closely with New Caledonia to adopt a constitution similar to that of the Micronesian Games.

“We’ve actually made a proposal and we work with New Caledonia to make a sort of similar document to the Micronesian Games because the Micronesian Games constitution current really working in that region. And we thought why re-inventing the wheels when we can adapt to the Melanesians,” said Boudier.

Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) President Dr Robin Mitchell said the Melanesian Games was suggested by ONOC to boost the level of competition between athletes in the region.

“It’s a project that ONOC has suggested many many years ago to NOCs to increase the competition.

“The Melanesian Games recently has been taken over by the politicians with the involvement of some NOCs. The games have been decided, the sports have been decided but the dates keep on moving,” said Dr Mitchell.

Pacific Games Council President Vidhya Lakhan admitted the council has not discussed the Melanesian Games.

“I can say that we as a council have not really looked at Melanesian or Polynesian Games,” said Khan.

He assured delegates the issue will be taken up by the Pacific Games Council Sports Committee and to be on the agenda in their next meeting.