New Zealand waiting on Nauru for meeting

The New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully says he is still waiting for a response from Nauru's Justice Minister so they can meet.

New Zealand recently halted more than a million dollars worth of aid to Nauru's justice sector over concerns regarding its integrity.

Nauru has accused New Zealand of bullying.

Mr McCully says he has indicated he wants to meet with David Adeang while both are in Port Moresby for the Pacific Islands Forum.

He says Mr Adeang has yet to return his calls.

"It's well known that he's got some strong views about this topic. He's expressed some of them in the media. I understand that's a measure of his frustration but I've tried to convey New Zealand's position in a careful and moderate manner. We haven't rushed into this process and I'm hoping he's going to respond to the invitation we've issued so that we can get the process moving."

Earlier, Nauru's President Baron Waqa indicated his reluctance to change how the government was running the country.

He said New Zealand had been misled and was interfering in the island's domestic affairs, accusing Wellington of making the decision to suspend the aid unilaterally, with no warning to his administration.