Niuatoputapu gets $2 million to build new hospital

The Niuatoputapu’s long-awaited new hospital is scheduled to start soon, but the full benefits of the new buildings are still twelve months away.

The contract for the construction was signed on Monday between the government and the Puloka Construction Group.

Kaniva News report the new project was organised after the old hospital was destroyed in the tsunami 2009.

A new hospital and one three bedroom staff quarter for health staff in the most northern island of Tonga is funded by the European Union.

Tonga’s Minister of Finance, Dr ‘Aisake Valu Eke said: “I am very pleased, thanks to the EU, that we are now securing funds for the construction of the hospital in Niuatoputapu as well as the staff quarter”.

The Puloka Construction Group Ltd was contracted by the government of Tonga to build private homes in Niuatoputapu funded by the World Bank after the tsunami of 2009.