PNG Kapuls and Solomon Islands tied 1 all at halftime

Papua New Guinea's goal in the 33th minute was even after Solomon Islands regrouped to level 1-1 at halftime.

Many attempts by Papua New Guinea in the first half shook the Solomon Islands side before flanker Nigel Dabinyaba found an opening at the corner for a cross which Michael Fosters  who was  in front of the goal  mouth dribbled  to confuse the opposition before slamming home the first goal of the match.

However, Solomon Islands retaliated seven minutes  later with a corner kick from striker Judd Molea that curved right through the corner post slipping off PNG goal keepers hand Ronald Warrisan to even the scores at 1-1.

Second half is underway to find who will play the New Zealand All Whites in the OFC Nations Cup Grand Finals.



Lamech Jinimbo