Salt Lake City Police shoot Tongan man

Two Police officers have shot a 28-year-old Tongan in Salt Lake City.

The victim is Palm Samiuel Lautaimi also known as Palema.

His family have confirmed he was shot by police on Sunday, Fox13 Now News reported.

“Those two Salt Lake City police officers are on standard paid administrative leave”, the news said.

“Lautaimi was taken to a local hospital in critical condition but police say his condition is now stable. Jail records show this isn’t Lautaimi’s first run-in with law enforcement”.

Lautaimi’s past

“In June of 2007, Lautaimi terrorized a west Salt Lake neighborhood during a drive-by shooting. He pleaded guilty to three felony charges. In 2014 Lautaimi was released on parole.

“On Jan. 16, during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, Lautaimi was pulled over by West Valley City police.

“Court documents show police found he had 10 individual twist baggies, which field tested positive for methamphetamine. And in his right pocket a loaded .22 caliber handgun. Both violations of his parole but Lautaimi wasn’t sent to prison.

“The probable cause states “Adult probation and parole was contacted but would not respond to transport him back to the prison due to the holiday.”

“No charges were filed so three days later Lautaimi was released from jail.

Fifteen days later, officers confronted him on the street, which is when Salt Lake City Police say he became violent and was shot”.


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