Sharks duo feel for Radradra

Sharks duo Ben Barba and Andrew Fifita have thrown their support behind Parramatta winger Semi Radradra who despite not yet returning to Australia is expected to line up against Cronulla this weekend.

Radradra's absence from the Parramatta club has been heavily scrutinised in recent weeks with rumour rife the Australia international may yet walk out on the club to take up a deal in French rugby. 

Barba and Fifita have had contractual troubles of their own throughout their careers and could understand where Radradra was coming from after his decision to travel back to his native Fiji. 

Barba has battled homesickness in the past – with it being the reason behind his move to the Broncos in 2014 – and couldn't blame Radradra for any decision he ends up making.

"For Semi, it’d be a little bit tougher being he is from Fiji and it’s not just an hour or two hour flight back home. So I understand where he’s coming from," Barba said.

"But at the end of the day it’s his decision. It’d be good for him to stay in the game but if he changes his mind and he wants to leave it’s his decision and good luck to him. 

"It’d be very good if he could stay though because he’s wonderful for this game."

The outspoken Fifita himself had a four-year contract at the Bulldogs pulled out from underneath him in 2014, and said in Radradra's case the 24-year-old had to do what was right for his family.

"Semi's obviously seeing massive money overseas and he has to look towards his future – that's the main thing. I know it's hard but Sonny Bill (Williams) did it and we all have families to provide for," Fifita said.

"If you were poached for a bigger [contract] you'd move on too. That's the main thing. If someone threw heaps more cash on top of my contract, I'd leave."

Fifita said he too has had offers from rugby union in the past too but alluded to the fact he still wants to win a grand final before he ever contemplates leaving the NRL.

"I've had approaches from union 100 per cent. I grew up playing union. It was my main sport," Fifita said.

"I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd love to have a look at that option once my contract is finished up here at Cronulla. But I have a job to do here first because I have one more thing to tick off in my rugby league career."