Snoop Dogg missed a weed question on 'Family Feud'

When it comes to the weed, rapper Snoop Dogg is pretty much the high priest of those who love to light up.

That's why it's no shocker that his hand was the first on the buzzer for a question about marijuana on a celebrity edition of "Family Feud."

Snoop, whose birth name is Calvin Broadus, and his family faced off against boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard and his family. Snoop and Leonard stepped up, and "Family Feud" host Steve Harvey chuckled when he saw the question on the card.

"Name something grandma might do if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana," Harvey asked as the rapper quickly hit the buzzer.

"All them fast hands you got," Harvey joked to the boxer before saying of Snoop's quick action, "Marijuana bam! Just like that."

But the rapper's answer of "Put hands on him" (meaning to hit him) was No. 7 on the board, while Leonard's response -- "She would scream at him" -- proved to be a knockout at No. 2.

The Leonard family's chance to win the game went up in smoke as members of the team weren't able to guess the rest of the answers, however. Ultimately the Broadus clan won the game and $25,000 for charity.