Taylor Swift doesn't want fans to live stream her concerts

Taylor Swift isn't happy with fans live streaming her concerts and is reportedly sending out takedown notices to have the footage removed online.

A cluster of hardcore fans have been using Periscope to live stream her 1989 world tour over the summer, but the star has formed a dedicated enforcement team to have the social network broadcasts taken down.

TAS Rights Management (TAS stands for Taylor Alison Swift) have been getting in touch with Periscope, according to TorrentFreak, asking them to remove links to footage from Taylor's shows.

Periscope - the Twitter-owned live stream app - has significantly grown in popularity throughout 2015 and is starting to cause problems among copyright holders.

The Premier League, as well as sports organisations including NFL, NBA and WWE, regularly send Periscope takedown notices as they don't want the public to rebroadcast their events for free.

However, Taylor could potentially be the first musician to start cracking down on fans broadcasting her shows live on Periscope.

Once the show is broadcast, a video of the stream then remains on that user's profile for 24 hours before getting automatically deleted.

Digital Spy has reached out to Taylor Swift's people for comment.

Meanwhile, Taylor duetted with Leona Lewis and Mick Jagger during her 1989 show in Nashville this past weekend.