Tonga receives medical equipment from Government of Japan

The Ministry of Health received medical equipment for Vaiola Hospital from the Government of Japan.

The assistance was provided under Japan’s Non-project Grant and is aimed at helping the Health staff with their tasks to steer the health standard of the Kingdom away from sickness and infections.

Vaiola Hospital has been fortunate in many ways, not just the infrastructure but now with the resources

The Ambassador of Japan to Tonga Mr. Yukio Numata highlighted the support of the government of Japan towards the Health Sector of Tonga. 

“Today we are gathering to witness the symbol of our cordial relations through not only the monumental reminder of the new Vaiola Hospital, but also through the medical equipment donated to continue the development of Tonga’s Health Sector.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to handover the medical equipment, part of Japan’s aid for the Kingdom to combat health issues that people suffer on daily basis.

This grant aid is designed to support the promotion of the economic and social development of developing countries by utilizing the unique efficient and user friendly technology of Japanese small and medium sizes enterprises.

We wish that our combine effort can alleviate the people of Tonga’s hardships by uniting our capacity for teaching and learning from each other and our collective capacity to generate protection and empowerment for all individuals.”

Meanwhile, the Minister for Health, Dr Saia Piukala extended his appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the Ministry towards the equipment received.

“It is always a privilege to receive yet it is more pleasant to give as we witness today the continuous giving from the government of Japan to support developing island nations like Tonga and so it is with gratitude on behalf of the Ministry of Health and the government of Tonga to receive this timely and essential assistance in the form of medical equipment from the non-project grant aid of the government of Japan.

The provision of this variable equipment will go a long way in improving the delivery of quality health services to the people of Tonga.”

Japan and Tonga have cherished an extra ordinary relationship since 1990 with the first implantation of the first grant aid in Tonga.

Since then, the Ministry of Health have been honoured with grants for health infrastructures like the new Vaiola Hospital we are seeing today, Human resources, you provided volunteers and staff to upskill and expertise of personnel and like today, medical equipment.

Mr Piukala said it is the aspiration of the Ministry of Health as recipients to strengthen their partnership and cooperation with the Government of Japan for the development of health services in Tonga.