Tongan officials confident 2019 Pacific Games are on track

​The Tongan Olympic Committee believes the country is on track to host a successful Pacific Games in 2019, despite being close to a year behind schedule.

Tonga was awarded the hosting rights in 2012 and the Pacific Games Council has reminded the country not to try and compete with the likes of Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia, who spent considerable money building brand new venues for the past two regional events.

The President and acting CEO of TASANOC, Lady Robyn Tu'ivakano agrees Tonga should only spend within their means.

"It's only the swimming pool and the golf course [that] is a worry now because that has to [be decided whether to] extend the nine holes to make it 18. The Organising Committee has already been established and they are on the road and they are working on it. There is no hindrance or obstacle - government is building the facilities and everybody knows what they're doing and working together as a team. We can do it".