Tongans ready for big clash in Fiji

Tongan Mate Ma'a is in the country but is keeping their fingers crossed that two of their players who have had their visas rejected get to be back on the team before they face Samoa in Hawaii later this month.

Team manager Toa Kaufusi said they brought 18 players with them to play against the Fiji residents and to also tour Hawaii for their game against the Toa Samoa, but the two players might not make it.

Kaufusi said there were some difficulties faced in the interview and they were trying to work on re-applying for the duo's visa.

But today as they face the Fiji residents, Kaufusi said the Tongan side was made up of local players and none have had the experience of playing in International competitions just like the Fiji Residents.

"We've just finished our local competition which have only nine teams competing in this year, so the selection was done from the nine teams," Kaufusi said.

He added when the team were selected, they had only been training together and had not had a chance to play as a unit to see their weaknesses and to be able to iron loopholes before the Test match against Samoa.

"So because this will be our first match together, whatever we learn from the game against Fiji would be used to help us build up towards the game against the Samoans."

The Tongans are scheduled to leave for Hawaii next Tuesday after their game at 6pm today at the ANZ stadium