Fiji recording average of eight COVID-19 deaths a day

Fiji is recording an average of eight deaths a day from COVID-19.

Health authorities reported 632 new cases in the latest daily update, meaning over 30-thousand people have tested positive to the virus since April.

Two more deaths from the virus were reported, but the Ministry of Health says the 7-day rolling average of COVID deaths per day is eight.

Since April 239 deaths have been recorded from COVID in Fiji. Before the current outbreak began, only two people in Fiji had died from COVID-19.

However, the ministry also recorded 130 COVID-positive patients who died from serious medical conditions they had before contracting the virus - these are not classified as COVID deaths.

The government has embarked on another vaccination drive today.

So far almost 83 percent of the eligible population has received a first dose - and 25 percent has had two shots.


Photo Fiji One News  Caption:  Fiji's main CWM Hospital