Five more people die of Covid-19 in PNG as cases continue to rise

Papua New Guinea has reported five more deaths from Covid-19 and 140 more cases of the coronavirus.

The total number of confirmed cases now stands at 2,491, including 31 deaths.

Authorities said a lack of compliance with the "New Normal" or "Niupela Pasin" order had been a major challenge as the country continued to wrestle with the coronavirus.

The new cases come from 10 provinces, of which the National Capital District reported the 53 cases.

Additionally, there were two exported cases from PNG to a quarantine hotel in Brisbane, Australia.

Since early this year, the number of Covid-19 cases in PNG have continued to rise.

National Pandemic Controller David Manning said while his team was working hard to contain the pandemic the biggest challenge was people's compliance with the measures.

He said it had been proven in other countries that there were simple steps that people could take to help reduce the spread of Covid-19, like handwashing, physical distancing, wearing a mask and cleaning surfaces often.

"People need to adopt these measures if we are going to win this battle. Please I urge you all to listen and follow the Niupela Pasin.

"By following them, you are not only protecting yourself but also your loved ones and others," Manning said

He also said everyone could be nice to someone without having to hug them or shake their hands by simply waving, bowing and nodding to them.

He said PNG was not the only country battling with the disease, however, each country had come up with their own measures to reduce the number of infections occurring most of which were the same as those being imposed there.