Over 200 teachers in Fiji test positive for Covid-19

A total of 202 teachers have tested positive for Covid-19 in Fiji.

The Ministry of Education confirmed that the teachers are from Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools.

Education Minister, Premila Kumar said some students have been trained to become Covid monitors.

This is a support system created in schools by the Ministry.

Kumar said the students will be supporting teachers in monitoring the health of their classmates and ensuring a safe environment for learning.

“In school, the teachers are being trained, and now we have introduced Covid monitors. These are the students who monitor other students’ whether they are wearing or following Covid safe measures. Because this is part of awareness-raising as well, these are some of the ways we are monitoring. “

Kumar said the incubation period for these teachers is between one and five days or one and seven days.

A majority of the teachers are expected to be cleared before school starts on Monday for Years 8 to Year 13.