PNG MP Mendani dies of Covid-19

An MP in Papua New Guinea has died from Covid-19.

The death of Richard Mendani, who was 53, was announced over the weekend.

The Pandemic Controller David Manning said Medani's death came one year to the day that the first coronavirus infection was detected in PNG.

He said Mendani was admitted to the Pacific International Hospital Emergency Department on 24 February after suffering Covid symptoms.

He was initially diagnosed with pneumonia but as his condition worsened he was referred for further evaluation where it was confirmed he had Covid-19.

"The threat of death from Covid-19 is real, and sadly the Late Honourable Member paid the ultimate price and lost his life because of this terrible virus," David Manning said.

"Covid-19 is an invisible killer that spreads through the air we inhale, and the objects that we touch. But we as a people, as workers, as small business owners and government employees, can do our part to protect our loved ones and try to keep them safe. The enemy of our people is the virus, and it is up to every one of us to fight this by being proactive and stopping its spread."

As of Friday - there were 3085 cases confirmed in PNG, including 36 deaths.