Tonga media group calls for end to spread of fake news

Fake news is irresponsible, reckless and only serves to incite panic. This needs to stop!

The Media Association of Tonga (MAT) calls on the public to be considerate, compassionate and empathetic during these times.

The journalists who are members of the association, endeavor to bring you credible and correct information.

With regards to social media, the Media Association of Tonga urged the public to wait until the information is official and not breaking news from individuals.

Taina Kami Enoka, association president cautioned those who was spreading fake news to stop it.

' You are undermining our profession in a completely unethical and dishonest manner.,

Taina also mentioned a need for a code of ethics and a complaints council where these matters could be handled.

She thanked governments for the regular press conferences in order to keep the public informed.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln, ‘I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.''


Photo RNZ Pacific/PINA