Tongan mum of COVID-19 victim in US calls for people to take virus seriously

Tongan mother Sloane Tai Finau has called on people to take the COVID-19 virus seriously after family members in the United States were diagnosed positive.

Finau’s daughter and partner are ill.

“If any of you are feeling unwell, go and get tested,” she said.

“There is no shame in it.”

Kaniva News reports Finau, who is currently in Auckland, said she is concerned that people in the United States are travelling from state to state.

They were not facing the same strict restrictions as New Zealanders.

“I ask Americans to take it seriously,” she said.

“I wish I was home so I could do something for her.”

There have been  more than one millions confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States and more than 60,000 deaths.