Vaccination vans hit Auckland streets to up Covid-19 jab rates

Health professionals in Auckland have more access to people who can't travel to a vaccination drive-in centre, thanks to dozens of vaccination vans hitting the streets.

Vaccination Programme Leader Sarah Hartnall says the vans can travel to places where the vaccination buses can't.

"Access is really good for most people in Auckland. For some people it's hard and they might live rurally, they might have other access barriers.”

She says “these vaccination vans are about going to them and being able to go out on the little roads that our busses aren't able to get on."

Pacific, Maori and primary care providers picked up eleven of the so-called vaxi vans, and another thirty are set to go into action soon.

The head of Turuki Health Care, Te Puia Winiata, say the vans will mean they'll be more agile in reaching people.

"So being able to access more campervans means we can move more agile in community. We're thinking that now the focus is on doing smaller events to get contact with those whanau in the community that are still wanting to be vaccinated but can't access it."