Ariana Grande attempts to fix botched Japanese tattoo

Remember when Ariana Grande tried to get a Japanese tattoo on her palm to commemorate her new single, '7 Rings'?

Remember when the meaning got lost in translation, and it actually ended up reading: 'shichirin', which means 'small charcoal BBQ grill?'

Yeah, me too. It was a great day. It was yesterday.

If you can believe it, things are about to get even better - Ariana tried to correct the mistake, which was gleefully pointed out to her by fans on Twitter, and she actually managed to make it worse.

"Slightly better," she captioned an Instagram video showing off the addition to the ink.

"Thanks to my tutor for helping me fix... RIP tiny charcoal grill. Miss u man. I actually really liked u."

The thing is, according to Consequence Of Sound, not only is the miniature Japanese BBQ grill still very much present in the characters on Ariana's palm, she's actually added the kanji for the word "finger".

Gaming website Kotaku provides a complex explanation for how this happened, which seems to come down to the way the kanji characters have been split into different lines for aesthetic reasons.

All you really need to know, though, is that the 'Thank U, Next' singer's tattoo now reads: "Small charcoal grill, finger" followed by a heart.

Ariana has yet to acknowledge this latest revelation publicly, but that's probably because she's busy firing her Japanese tutor and deleting her tattoo artist's number from her phone.