The Black Eyed Peas and Marvel to release graphic novel

Marvel and The Black Eyed Peas have teamed up to create a "retro futuristic zombie thriller".

The graphic novel is called Masters of the Sun - The Zombie Chronicles and will be released in the summer.

It's all about aliens, zombies and hip-hop in Los Angeles.

Peas frontman wrote the story and said: "We've been working on this original story for years and partnering with Marvel to bring this book to life is more than a dream come true."

The graphic novel centres around the character Zulu-X, a hip-hop lover in LA.

The city is under attack from an ancient alien god sent to earth to turn its inhabitants into zombies.

Zulu-X and his crew go head-to-head with a nefarious ancient order to settle a score thousands of years old.

Artwork is by Damion Scott, who has worked on the Marvel series Deadpool and Spider-Man in the past, while the story is co-written by producer and writer Benjamin Jackendoff and

According to Marvel, the graphic novel "fuses together the genres of music and comics and tells the complete tale of a retro futuristic zombie thriller."

"Working with Will and Ben was a blast. From start to finish, they were both very involved in making the best comic possible," Damien Scott toldĀ Billboard.

"Few artists have done more to embed hip-hop in popular culture than and the Black Eyed Peas," says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso.

"So we are thrilled to present this deeply personal story that speaks directly to hip-hop aficionados, comic book fans and the intersection of those communities."

The comic itself was created by the Black Eyed Peas, while Marvel is acting as the distributor.