Calls for Oscars nomination for Olivia

If you've enjoyed seeing a cute, fluffy white dog on screen this year, chances are it was Olivia - the three-year-old West Highland white terrier with a booming Hollywood career.

She's had major roles in hit films Widows and Game Night, along with Netflix series Insatiable.

Now, calls are being made for Olivia to get an Academy Award nomination.

The pooch weighs about 7kg and reportedly had her own trailer on the set of Widows. In that critically acclaimed film from Steve McQueen, Olivia plays the pet of a grieving wife forced into a life of crime by gangsters her deceased husband owed money to.

One of the villains menacingly grabs the dog while threatening her human companion - but she survives, and later in the film plays a key role in a shocking revelatory scene.

When Olivia's Game Night co-star Jason Bateman spoke to MTV International about their working relationship, he accidentally thought she was male.

"He was pretty easy. He didn't talk that much, he was pretty serious about what he was doing," said Bateman.

"He was nervous - he peed on the set. He had a real weak bladder on him. But he did hit his mark, was there on time, didn't complain that much and the scene went pretty quickly."

In the acclaimed comedy, Olivia is the focus in a scene that has a human character accidentally stain her beautiful white fur with blood.

Insatiable is described as a black comedy/drama released on Netflix in August. Olivia didn't play a main character on the show, but rather starred in one impactful scene.