Diana Ross brings Motown glamour to Glastonbury

Diana Ross graced Glastonbury's legend slot on Sunday afternoon with a career-spanning greatest hits show that drew one of the weekend's biggest crowds.

The Motown star exuded glamour in a flowing white fur coat and feathered headdress, as she opened with the Pride anthem I'm Coming Out.

"I love singing during the daytime where I can see your faces and see your eyes," she declared, further seducing an already enthusiastic audience.

"Can you see me, 'cos I can see you?"

In other words, Ross understood the brief: The Sunday teatime slot is all about audience goodwill; and she had it in spades.

Often portrayed as a diva, she spoke openly about the difficulties of lockdown - "I'm going to call it a vacation, a gap year, because I don't want to say what it really did" - and confessed the need for a lyric sheet when she sang the title track of last year's Thank You album.

"I'm not perfect at it yet, but I will be," she joked.

Best of all, the 78-year-old genuinely seemed to enjoy her own music - a phenomenon that's more uncommon than you'd think.

After the band finished one of her newer songs, a euphoric disco cherry bomb called Tomorrow, she carried on the chorus a capella, apparently having the time of her life.

"Wooh, really good!" she exclaimed.

That joy was reflected back from the audience, who belted out Supremes classics like Can't Hurry Love, Baby Love and Stop In The Name Of Love ("I've got a lot of songs about love, because everything we do is about love," Ross noted) as well as later solo hits like Chain Reaction and Love Hangover.