Ed Sheeran donates painting to Suffolk charity auction

Ed Sheeran has put one of his artworks on sale for the first time as part of a charity auction.

The 29-year-old used house paints to create Dab 2 2020 - so called as it is the second painting he has given to his dad John, whom he calls Dab.

It is the first time one of the Suffolk singer's paintings has been made available for sale.

The colourful abstract is part of the Ed Sheeran: Made In Suffolk Legacy Auction.

The auction was organised with help from his parents to support youngsters in his home county, including redeveloping a playground in Ipswich.

Sheeran previously said he painted a canvas a day for 30 days.

"I bought house paint and just layered it up by flicking it. I just do my art and I love doing it," he said.

His father described Dab 2 2020 as "energetic" and said it was "like a visual equivalent of one of his upbeat songs".

The online auction runs until 8 November.