House of Gucci: How Lady Gaga took personal trauma into film role

Lady Gaga has said she drew from her experience of being abused in her teens when filming the House of Gucci movie.

The new film tells the story of love, betrayal and ultimately murder within the famous Italian fashion family.

The singer and actress plays Patrizia Reggiani, who served 18 years in jail for hiring a hitman to kill her former husband and label boss Maurizio Gucci.

"I used all of these memories, all of these traumas, all of these moments in my life," Lady Gaga told BBC News.

This summer, the star revealed she suffered a breakdown as a result of a sexual assault that left her pregnant more than 15 years ago.

She said she believes Reggiani's crime was the act of a woman who was "pushed over the edge".

Asked how her own personal experiences helped inform her character, she told BBC entertainment correspondent Lizo Mzimba: "The poison of experiencing a man's world all the time as a woman being in the music industry, I would say.

"Less of the hustle as part of her character, but more of being assaulted when I was 19 by a music producer, feeling endlessly controlled by men as I continued my career and tried to find my own voice and be in my own empowerment - not power, but empowerment, as a woman.