Inside the Fast & Furious arena show

The man behind Fast & Furious Live says "nobody asked him to write it" but he thinks it is going to be "incredible".

The show will bring film sequences to life in an arena, as well as bring in new elements.

It will debut in London at the O2 in January 2018 before a four-year world tour.

"I just took a few weeks off work and wrote the whole show," writer and creative director Roland French tells Newsbeat.

"I always believed Fast & Furious would make an incredible live show.

"Nobody had asked me to write it."

But Roland got the approval of producers Fast & Furious, including star of the films Vin Diesel and says his originally writing "has not been changed too much at all".

"It was amazing meeting Vin, as fan of the brand.

"I had to go and meet him and show him the whole show - beginning middle and end.

"He took me under his wing really - he was amazing of how to be around the industry.

"It led up to him saying 'Dom [Vin Diesel's character in the films] needs to be in this production. He needs to talk to the crowd.'

"It blew me away how excited he was about my silly idea."

Fast & Furious Live includes clips from the film, so many of the movie cast appear in some form.

But there will also be a set of new characters in the show as well as bespoke filming, which is set to take place in LA.

Elysia Wren plays one of the new faces, a South American street racer called Sophia Diaz.

"I can't tell you how excited I am," she said.

"I actually drift [in a car] into the show. Everything that we've been shown is on another level on my expectations - this is the biggest thing I've ever done.

"I think because it's live people will be blown away by it."

Roland claims the show, which has been in production for five years, will be a more theatrical car show "than anyone's ever seen".

"Car shows up until now have been monster trucks or jumping motorbikes.

"That's all brilliant, I go to those shows but nobody's ever tried to create a truly theatrical show where you can go on a Friday night.

"Whether you like cars or not the theatricality is what will bring the audience."

Derek Butler, one of the stunt drivers in the show, explained: "Out of 2,000 applicants I'm one of the lucky 11 who were chosen.

"It is a bit challenging but some of these guys are some of the best drivers in the world.

"This is ground-breaking it really is.”

However, some people have been sceptical that Fast & Furious Live is simply a money-making opportunity.

"It was never a business decision.

"I've always been a huge fan. I've always loved the movies I still have a modified car now - I'm probably too old for it."