John Legend's first concert was much cooler than yours

In case you needed it, here's further proof that John Legend is cooler than you: His first concert was the Fugees, with opening act (and then up-and-comer) Jay-Z.

"Jay-Z was kind of unknown at the time and was opening for the Fugees," Legend remembers in a new video featuring "The Voice" advisers. "Like, can you believe it?"

In the new featurette, Legend, Celine Dion, Luke Bryan, and DJ Khaled open up about their musical firsts and favorites, like their first concerts and favorite song to sing in the shower.

The video is being released ahead of next week's Battle Rounds.

During those face-offs, Khaled will help out Alicia Keys' singers, Legend will advise Team Adam Levine, Dion will lend her wisdom to Gwen Stefani's hopefuls and Bryan will be share his expertise with Blake Shelton's performers.

"The Voice" airs on NBC.