Teen free runner recreates iconic Trainspotting opening

Sixteen-year-old Robbie Griffith is one of the UK's youngest parkour athletes - and he's taken on a film that's four years older than him.

Known as "Wee Beastie" he's recreated the iconic Trainspotting opening sequence from 1996, after his dad suggested it.

In the original, heroin addict Renton, played by Ewan McGregor, is chased by security guards for shoplifting in Edinburgh.

The new version comes with a much healthier message about freedom and choice.

"Choose a mind-stimulating, physically strengthening pursuit that gets your heart pumping like never before," we hear alongside classic tune Iggy Pop's Lust for Life.

It was filmed by fellow free runner Johnstone Macpherson-Stewart who says he's pleased with the reaction.

"We just wanted to have fun with our parkour and with the release of T2," he tells Newsbeat.

It took two days to film but a lot longer to edit, he explains.

"We thought it was a good time to do the shoot. We watched the original closely and then added in our parkour flare.

"The great thing about free running is there are no rules - no right or wrong ways of doing it - and the reward is amazing.

"We're so pleased the video has been popular; we think it's hit a soft spot with people who love the films."

We've compared Robbie's take with the 1996 version...

"Don't worry, Robbie wasn't hurt in the making of the video. It was his dad that was driving the car," Johnstone explains.